The MultiStitch Story

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I’ve been a photographer in New York City for 30 Years.  I grew up on big film and assisted back when catalog fashion was shot with 8×10 cameras and Ascor Sun Guns.   (Yes, they did blow up on occasion.)

As the industry shifted to digital capture, I found myself frustrated working with small cameras. I was an early adopter of large format digital.  In 2002, I mounted  a Canon 1D  DSLR on my 4X5.  I wish I had patented THAT!

Over time I bought the D30, D60, 20D, 5D, and now the 5DII. Where image improvements used to come with new film (which I billed my clients for), now I was spending $3500 every few years to get larger digital captures.  Digital backs are worse:  $25,000  minimum every 3-5 years!

If you shoot stills, own a digital capture device, and want larger files, get a MultiStitch!

I started experimenting on a way to work on my ground-glass again about 8 years ago.  The result is MultiStitch, US Patent Nos. 8,538,253 and 8,639,110 .  I now shoot with my 4X5 using an image area about four times what I’ve been trapped in.  I produce 44MP files with my old 5D and 72MP with the 5DII.  Using a 33MP digital back with a 36X48mm chip, I have true large format digital capture and HUGE 112MP files.

If you shoot architectural and want to shoot 4×5 again, get a MultiStitch!

The NEW MultiStitch 2.0 for the Graflock “universal” mount is now available for digital backs (Mamiya 645 and Hasselblad V-mount), Canon, Nikon, & Sony DSLRs (full-frame and APS-c), and mirrorless cameras by Sony, Samsung, Leica, and others using adapters.

We make the original OEM MultiStitch for eight 4×5 /capture device combos:  Sinar/Horseman and Cambo cameras in combination with Phase One/Mamiya 645 & Hasselblad V-mount  digital backs, and Canon and Nikon full-frame DSLRs.  We support chip sizes of 24X36, 36X36, 33X44, and 36X48mm.  We have 3 units left of the discontinued MultiStitch for Ebony cameras, get in touch for information on our limited stock.

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