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We are excited to announce that Foto Care is the exclusive NYC retailer of MultiStitch products for large-format digital capture.

Congrats to Photo Expo winner Sharon White!!

As a commercial photographer for 20 years, I learned my craft behind a 4×5 camera. In the digital world I long for the control of depth of focus and image correction I had with the swings and tilts of a 4×5. I was very excited to see the new MultiStitch invention at PhotoPlus Expo in NY.”

Sharon White with her new MultiStitch

Congrats to Sharon White!

“I filled out the raffle form, listened to the explanation and planned to check into it. To my amazement I got a call from Myko at Multistitch and I had actually won! I couldn’t be more excited to be able to use my 4×5 again after 10 years and work with my new MultiStitch.”

“Thank you for creating this so I can use my 4×5 again!” -Sharon White

Sharon shoots food and products in her custom studio just outside of Boston.  You can see her work at

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