Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can I see a demo?

If you’re in New York City we can arrange a demonstration.  Fill out the  form on the About Us page and use the subject line “I’d like a demo.” Include a telephone number for fastest results.

  • Will you email sample images?

Sample images produced with MultiStitch are too big for e-mail and take up tons  of space on an FTP server, so we do not send them out electronically.  If you arrange for a demo, we can show you some images on screen.  Beyond that, the images provided on our examples page will have to do.  Specs for each sample image are provided, and there are 1:1 insets for most.

  • I don’t see my 4×5 listed.  When will you be making more models?

Our latest development is MultiStitch for the Graflock / Universal mounting system. Now you can use MultiStitch with any 4×5 camera that has Graflock slide-lock tabs built into the ground-glass assembly.  Most modern cameras incorporate the Graflock interface.   We also produce setups for Sony , Leica and other DSLRs and mirrorless cameras using the same adapters that let you use your Canon and Nikon lenses on other brands’ bodies.

We produce MultiStitch for Cambo, and Sinar /Horseman 4x5s Nikon and Canon FF DSLRs, & Phase One /Mamiya 645 and Hasselblad V medium-format digital backs.  We have a limited stock of MultiStitch for Ebony which has been discontinued since the launch of our Graflock products. Please fill out the  form on the About Us page and tell us what you else you want to see.

  • My camera’s sensor is APS-C, can I still use MultiStitch?

YES!  All of our MultiStitch for APS-C products use the Graflock interface.  We have Canon and Nikon configurations, and can provide solutions for Sony, Leica, and other DSLRs and mirrorless camera bodies using the same adapters that let you use your Canon and Nikon lenses on other manufacturers’ camera bodies.

  • I don’t see my chip size listed, which MultiStitch should I order?

You’ll have to choose the next closest-size chip to yours.  The overlap that results will not be the uniform 6mm that is designed in, so you’re best off choosing the MultiStitch for a chip that is SMALLER than yours.  Choosing the next smaller chip increases the overlap and choosing the larger size decreases it. All stitching software depends on overlapping areas to assemble images.  If you choose to go bigger you may find that your images cannot be assembled easily or do not overlap at all. Choose wisely!  If you’re not sure which MultiStitch will work best just get in touch and we’ll help you choose.

  • Can I buy MultiStitch in a store?

Yes!  We are pleased to announce that Foto Care is now our exclusive NYC retailer.  Foto Care is at 41 West 22nd Street in the heart of NYC’s photo district.  Call them at (212) 741-2990