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MultiStitch for DSLRs:

  • Sinar or Cambo for Canon mount $950.00
  • Sinar or Cambo for Nikon Mount $950.00
  • Graflock Universal mount for Canon or Nikon $525.00

**You will also need a modified extension tube or adapter, please see our Accessories Page.**

MultiStitch for Medium Format Digital backs:

  • Phase One / Mamiya 645AFD mount  for Cambo or Sinar $1,300.00,   Ebony $1,650.00
  • Hasselblad V mount for Cambo or Sinar $1, 450.00,   Ebony $1,750.00
  • Graflock Universal mount for Phase / Mamiya 645  (pricing TBD)
  • Graflock Universal mount for Hasselblad V  (pricing TBD)

One of Each (1 DSLR and 1 MF) :

  • Phase One /Mamiya  Cambo or Sinar $2,100.00    Ebony $2,250.00
  • Hasselblad V Cambo or Sinar $2,250.00    Ebony $2,400.00
  • Graflock bundle pricing TBD

Bulk and distributor pricing available upon request.

Payment Terms:

A deposit of 30% is required on all orders.  Delivery is currently running 3-6 weeks.  You will be notified when your order is ready and final payment will be taken before shipment. Prices are in US$.

First-class shipping by USPS  is free within the Continental United States.    If you would like to use another carrier, it will be at your expense and we will accommodate you if we can.  Shipping outside the USA or using alternate carriers will be priced at cost plus $10.00 using carrier’s online calculator from 11361 and the 1-time pickup option.

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You can also send inquiries to:  Orders(at)multistitch(dot)com