Ground-glass workflow, Large-format captures

Until now the phrase “Large-format digital capture”  was a myth.  “Large-format” cameras are now technical cameras made for 645 backs.  Most architectural shooters are stuck working in 35mm.

“What if your single most expensive piece of gear could last another 5 years?”

We’ve all gone digital to give our clients convenience, speed, and lower costs.  Along the way we’ve lost more than just our film and processing markups.  Have you built the cost of that new back into your fee structure?  Do you have a working 16MP medium format digital back that is now “obsolete?”

With MultiStitch, that 16mp back goes from 37x37mm to 68x68mm and 54mp.  A 22mp back with a 36x48mm chip expands to 66x90mmthat’s over 2.5 x 3.5 inches – and 75mp!Large format digital capture for digital stitching

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If you shoot stills, have a working digital device, and need larger files …get a MultiStitch!

“Precision digital stitching with MultiStitch makes true large format digital capture possible …using the digital gear you already own.”