Large Format Digital Still Life

I’ve been shooting in the studio throughout my career, mostly 4×5 transparencies.  My clients  began asking for digital when capture sizes hit about 6MP.  It was time to bite the bullet.

To keep my clients, I made the investment.   The cost was all mine, and the savings (film, processing, polaroid, messengers) went to them.  When I was told that the images from my Megavision S3 were too small, reality sank in;  This was going to be expensive, and would probably never end.

“Digital stitching with MultiStitch can triple the useful life of your most expensive gear.”

I made my first large format camera mount for a DSLR in 2002.  A light came on when I was shooting some flat art; I used the rise-fall-shift on my 4×5 camera to shoot 4 frames for digital stitching in a 2-over-2 pattern. The files were great. I needed this for every digital still life job, not just dead-level setups.  I got to work.

If you shoot stills and want larger files, don’t buy a new digital back,  get a MultiStitch!

Digital still life shooters hate being trapped in small-format.  Those that tested my prototypes all said the same things:  “Can I keep it?” and “How much do you want for it?”  Check out some sample images here.

Remember the sweet feel of a long, fast lens on a 4×5?  Controlling depth of field & perspective…shooting jewelry at 2:1 …well it’s possible again because true large-format digital has finally arrived.

If your capture device is over 3 years old you need a MultiStitch!

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