How MultiStitch Works

MultiStitch lets you use your 4X5 with your dslr or digital back to shoot a 2-over-2 image matrix for digital stitching.  Your image area using a full frame DSLR or mirrorless body is 42 X 66 mm;  larger than any digital back.
  • With a Canon 5DIII you get 76 MP files, a Canon 7D will produce over 50 MP files.
  • With a Nikon D800 or Sony A7r you get 120MP+ files, larger than the new Leaf Credo!

With an older 16MP back like a Phase P20 (vintage 2004) files are 55 MP. Leaf and Phase still make 40 and 60MP backs today; a new 40MP back will set you back almost $20,000.00.  With MultiStitch and an $800 Sony NEX-7 you can produce 80MP images that will blow you away.

Gizmos like sliding backs don’t  work with wide lenses or allow vertical shooting. With MultiStitch you can shoot 4-way images for digital stitching with perfect registration. Your imaging area expands in proportion to your frame, not just side-to-side.

MultiStitch function is superior to quadstitch

4-way digital stitching with MultiStitch

MultiStitch lets you make vertical OR horizontal images and does not block camera movements.  With a digital back you can even use your widest lenses.  The built-in MultiVent  protects against bellows pressure, stretching the time between costly cleanings.

This image shows overlaps of four 22MP digital back captures.  It is 24X33 inches at 300DPI. (click it to enlarge)

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