Still Life Sample Images

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This image was shot with a Leaf  28MP back.  The capture size is 30.5 X 23 inches at 300DPI and 362 MB.   The insets are a single capture of the same setup and a golf ball at 100%.   Take note of the huge difference in depth of field from the single capture to the stitched image.  At 100%,  the balls do not fit on my 24″ monitor (set to 1920 x 1200).Sample image showing single and MultiStitch images    Still life with single capture, MultiStitch image, and 100% inset

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This photograph was shot with a Leaf Aptus 36x48mm, 33MP back on a MultiStitch.  The native capture size is 34.54 x 25.83 inchesat 300DPI and 270.3M (8 bit).  Shallow depth of field like this is nearly impossible with a small format capture. Large format digital stitching

 This image was shot with a Canon 5D on a MultiStitch.  The capture was 26.42 x 16.62 inches at 300DPI and 226.1M (16 bit; 8 bit was 113.1M)  Effective chip size is 42 x 66mm or 1.65 x 2.6 inches; larger than the chips in most MF digital backs.Canon 5D used with MultiStitch

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The image below was shot with a Canon 5D MKII on a multistitch.  The capture (after cropping edges) is 21.9 x 34.3 inches at 300DPI and 193.3M (8-bit).  This equates to roughly a 30MP capture from an effective chip size of 42 x 66mm. The largest single capture chip as of late 2011 is 40.3 x 53.7mm.

Photo of sneakers taken with a Canon 5DII on a MultiStitch

4-Way MultiStitch with Canon 5DII

This image was shot with a 5DII set up for a vertical capture.  After shooting the 4 images I used rear shift to shoot extra frames on the left and right.  To maintain 6mm overlaps I shifted 18mm each way.  The 8-way image is 34.3 x 41.7 inches at 300DPI and 736.5M (16 bit)  (368.3M in 8 bit).  The effective chip size is a whopping 78 x 66mm -an aspect ratio close to 4×5 film.  There was some tunnel cutoff in the outer images, but the PTGUI masking function allowed a seamless stitch.

Photograph of Wags & Tags jewelry for pets.

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