True Large format digital for Professionals

“MultiStitch extends the life of your priciest gear.”

MultiStitch and a 4×5 camera restore creative control and produce higher resolution files.  Large format digital capture is now within reach ... using the equipment you already own.

MultiStitch is the next step up in digital photography: True large-format digital capture.

  • Are you debating a digital upgrade?
  • Do you prefer your large format cameras?
  • Are you tired of buying new digital gear?
  • Do you shoot stills or architectural?
  • Do your clients want larger files?

With MultiStitch, you get better images at almost 4X the resolution through precision digital stitching.4x5 digital stitching with a 36x48mm capture device

   You don’t need a new digital camera or back,  what you need is a MultiStitch!

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“Large format digital stitching returns creative control to the photographer.”