MultiStitch Accessories

There are several things you might need to go along with your MultiStitch.  We gathered them here to make getting up and running easy.  Let us know if you want accessories when we call to confirm your order and get payment information.  Accessories must be prepaid in full when the deposit is placed for your MultiStitch, and will ship with it.

Anti-reflective telescope-grade liner:   This black self-adhesive velvet flocking is the absolute best there is.  Use it to replace damaged liners and to cover the interior of DSLR extension tubes to kill internal reflections.  This material absorbs over 99% of visible light.   Sold in 6″ x 8″ pieces,   $12 per pc.

Modified Canon extension tube EF12 II:  We buy new 12mm Canon tubes and hollow them out to use with MultiStitch. The 12mm is the shortest  OEM tube that will work.  We remove the contacts for auto-functions, cut out the internal shades and baffles, and mill away the internal support castings for all of it.  We then apply anti-reflective liner material.   $150 per pc.

Modified Nikon PK12 extension tube:  The PK12 is a 14mm tube (Yes, “PK14” would make more sense) and the shortest Nikon OEM tube that will work with MultiStitch.  We will purchase a new PK12 disassemble it and remove the mechanical aperture linkages to reduce the potential for cast shadows and increase interior clearance.  $150 per pc.

Straight 3-foot DB-to-lens synch cable:  We have these custom made by Paramount Cable.  A non-coiled 3 foot cable is a perfect length to give you freedom to rotate MultiStitch with a DB attached from behind the camera, without enough cable to create a trip-hazard and no tension from the  spring of a coil.  Specify your digital back when ordering.  Custom lengths are available.  $60 per pc.

MultiVent for lensboards:  The built-in vent on MultiStitch is available in a shortened version so you can mount one on a lens-board.   If you are using a digital back with live-view or a mounted DSLR for composing and viewing, MultiVent will eliminate air pressure buildup in your camera system.    MultiVent is designed to trap light and allow plenty of airflow.   Your digital devices will remain in service longer,  with more up time between costly cleanings.  $60 per pc.

Replacement ground-glass masks for DSLRs:  You can make your own, but we’ll send you two for $10.

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