Digital Architectural and Interiors

Architectural photography was never addressed by the “digital revolution.”  Large format digital capture was never an option (until now) because you couldn’t get wide enough with a digital back.  To get wide, we went small -all the way to DSLRs, losing our photographic advantages along the way.

  • Precision digital stitching with MultiStitch is a game-changer.

Expectations in architectural digital photography have sunk to a lowest common denominator.  “OK” work is accepted for saving some time and a few dollars.  It’s time for a return to excellence.

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  • MultiStitch brings large-format digital photography into being.

With MultiStitch, your 4×5, and a digital back, large-format digital capture with wide angle optics is finally possible.  No other available product can match it. You get your ground-glass back …along with f.45 and perspective control …and the files will blow your clients away.   Have a look and see for yourself.