MultiStitch for Medium Format Digital Backs

MultiStitch is the solution to the challenges faced by professional photographers today:

  • Large Format Camera – digital compatibility
  • True wide angle capability
  • Large format workflow and creative control
  • Premature and costly digital back upgrades

Mamiya digital back mounted using MultiStitchA working  digital back that’s a few years old does not need replacement.   You paid $25K just a few years ago, your clients need larger files… and now 22MP is too small.

You can use the 4×5 lenses you have -even the widest.  MultiStitch is unique as it works both vertically and horizontally with full camera movements.  The built in MultiVent eliminates bellows air pressure, keeping your back cleaner longer.  The lost advantages of your large format camera, including depth of field,  perspective control,  and even 4×5 for architecture are back in play, without breaking the bank.

Size matters, Simple is good, and You don’t need a new digital back.

Multiply the imaging area and get larger captures with the digital back you already own. A 36X48mm chip becomes 2.6×3.54 inches, larger than everything short of a scan back. Files are huge:

  •   16MP yields 54MP     22MP yields 74MP     33MP yields 112MP    (4X native resolution less 15%)

Graflock universal mount MultiStitch for Hasselblad V

Graflock mount MultiStitch for Mamiya 645MultiStitch for the Graflock universal interface is here!

The recently introduced MultiStitch for the Graflock / universal interface will be available soon for Hassy V and Mamiya 645 mounts.  Pricing TBD



MultiStitch is intuitive, just return to your 4X5 workflow. Unlike other products, there are no knobs, switches, cranks, or loose parts.  With MultiStitch you compose on your ground glass with a spacer mask that inserts like a film holder.  The mask places the glass on the focal plane of your digital back. Once you compose and focus you replace the glass with MultiStitch and make your exposures.