Architectural Sample Images

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On a few recent jobs I brought my DSLR and my large format camera.  I set up with the DSLR in mind, (what my clients were expecting) and then brought in my 4X5 and the MultiStitch with a Leaf Aptus 22MP back I rented from Richard at Foto care.  The next 2 sample images show the difference:Photographic stitched image with inset

Architectural MF 4-way stitch with 100% inset

Same interior shot with a Canon 5D with 100% inset  Order Now

This photograph was made with a MultiStitch set up for a vertical.  I used a Schneider 47mm XL.  Notice the precise overlap of the frames.  I left the edges untrimmed in the center image.   Architectural interior using MultiStitch

Vertical interior shot with large format digital capture

This next photograph pushes limits.  I shot this interior with a 22MP Leaf digtal back and a Nikor 75mm lens with the MultiStitch set up for a vertical.  I made my four exposures and then used the lateral shift on my Cambo Ultima D to add images on either end.  The result is an 8-way stitched image that is a ridiculous 52.53 x 39.14 inches at 300DPI.  My client’s computer could not open the files, and the designer called to ask me how I did it.  The 22MP back resulted in a 150MP native capture that is 1.14 Gigs (16 bit).  The effective chip size is 90 x 126mm or 3.54 x 4.96 inches; very close to a true 4×5 digital capture!8-way photgraphic stitching

This image was made using camera shift to add extra images. An 8-way MultiStitch!

Here’s another 8-way stitch.  This interior of the Jacob Javits Convention Center was shot with a Schneider  47mm XL using lateral shift to add images at either side of the 4-way vertical MultiStitch.  The capture was 50 x 42 inches at 300DPI and 1.05 Gigs (16 bit).  Does 50 x 42 sound like 4 x5 to you?  I left the rough edges so you can make out individual images and look for the seams.

Digital stitch photograph of Jacob Javits Convention Center shot with MultiStitch

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